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Below, you can find a list of the publications of our research group.

- Romero-Rivas, C., Rodríguez-Cuadrado, S., Sabater, L., Gómez, P. R., de la Guía, I. H., Moreno, E. M., & Heinze, E. G. (2023). Beyond the conservative hypothesis: a meta-analysis of lexical-semantic processing in Williams syndrome. Language and Cognition, 1-25.
- Fernández-Sanz C, Romero-Rivas C, Rodriguez-Cuadrado S (2023
). Child, would you sacrifice yourself? A study on the Foreign Language Effect in children. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 26(2), 446-455.
- Aldariz, A. G. G., Rodríguez-Gómez, P., Romero-Rivas, C., Rodríguez-Cuadrado, S., Foucart, A., & Moreno, E. M. (2023). ‘Good for you!’Processing social emotions in L2 discourse comprehension: an ERP study. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 26(2), 440-445.
- Kaye, L. K., Rocabado, J. F., Rodriguez-Cuadrado, S., Jones, B. R., Malone, S. A., Wall, H. J., & Duñabeitia, J. A. (2023). Exploring the (lack of) facilitative effect of emoji for word processing.
Computers in Human Behavior, 139, 107563.

- Rodriguez-Cuadrado, S., Hinojosa, J. A., Guasch, M., Romero-Rivas, C., Sabater, L., Suárez-Coalla, P., & Ferré, P. (2022). Subjective age of acquisition norms for 1604 English words by Spanish L2 speakers of English and their relationship with lexico-semantic, affective, sociolinguistic and proficiency variables. Behavior Research Methods, 1-18.
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- Romero-Rivas, C., & Costa, A. (2022). On the flexibility of the sound-to-meaning mapping when listening to native and foreign-accented speech. Cortex, 149, 1-15.
- Romero-Rivas, C., Morgan, C., & Collier, T. (2022). Accentism on trial: Categorization/stereotyping and implicit biases predict harsher sentences for foreign-accented defendants. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 41(2), 191-208.
- Larkin, D., Birtle, A. J., Bradley, L., Dey, P., Martin, C. R., Pilkington, M., & Romero-Rivas, C. (2022). A systematic review of disease related stigmatization in patients living with prostate cancer. Plos one, 17(2), e0261557.
- Romero-Rivas, C., López-Benítez, R., & Rodríguez-Cuadrado, S. (2022). Would You Sacrifice Yourself to Save Five Lives? Processing a Foreign Language Increases the Odds of Self-Sacrifice in Moral Dilemmas. Psychological Reports, 125(1), 498-516.
- Kaye, L. K., Darker, G. M., Rodriguez-Cuadrado, S., Wall, H. J., & Malone, S. A. (2022). The Emoji Spatial Stroop Task: Exploring the impact of vertical positioning of emoji on emotional processing. Computers in Human Behavior, 132, 107267.

- Baus, C., Calabria, M., Duñabeitia, J. A., Hernandez, M., Ivanova, I., Mahon, B., ... & Strijkers, K. (2021). Memories: Albert Costa’s legacy. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 58, 100967.
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- Aguilar, R. S., Virto, N. B., Martín, S. D., Díaz, M. M., & Cuadrado, S. R. (2021). Intervención escolar sobre la muerte a partir del currículo español en educación infantil y primaria. SUMMA. Revista disciplinaria en ciencias económicas y sociales, 3(2), 1-19.
- Ferrero, M., Vadillo, M. A., & León, S. P. (2021). A valid evaluation of the theory of multiple intelligences is not yet possible: Problems of methodological quality for intervention studies. Intelligence, 88, 101566.
- Ferrero, M., Vadillo, M. A., & León, S. P. (2021). Is project-based learning effective among kindergarten and elementary students? A systematic review. PloS one, 16(4), e0249627.

- Stack, J., & Romero-Rivas, C. (2020). Merit overrules theory of mind when young children share resources with others. Plos one, 15(1), e0227375.
- Rodríguez-Cuadrado, J., Delgado-Gómez, D., Laria, J. C., & Rodríguez-Cuadrado, S. (2020). Merged Tree-CAT: A fast method for building precise Computerized Adaptive Tests based on Decision Trees. Expert Systems with Applications, 143, 113066.

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- Thomas, L., Duckworth, V., Lander, V., Allen, D., Cuadrado, S. R., Heaslip, V., & Board, M. (2019). 'Uncovering Students’ Powerful Persistent Passion: Implications for Policy and Practice in Widening Access and Success in Healthcare Education'. Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning.
- Mawtus, B., Rodriguez-Cuadrado, S., Ludke, K. M., & Nicolson, R. I. (2019). Developing creative thinking skills in adolescents through play-based pedagogic planning principles. Psychology Teaching Review, 25(2), 91-94.
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- Ponari, M., Rodríguez-Cuadrado, S., Vinson, D., Fox, N., Costa, A., & Vigliocco, G. (2015). Processing advantage for emotional words in bilingual speakers. Emotion, 15(5), 644.

Before 2015
- Pascual, G., Goikoetxea, E., Corral, S., Ferrero, M., & Pereda, V. (2014). La enseñanza recíproca en las aulas: efectos sobre la comprensión lectora en estudiantes de primaria. Psykhe (Santiago), 23(1), 1-12.
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- Ferrero, M., & Goikoetxea, E. (2007). Entrenamiento en conocimiento fonológico en lengua euskera: estudio de caso único. Revista de logopedia, foniatría y audiología, 27(4), 198-203.

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